Chronological overview on the development steps of de_creek

Planning the Map


mostly using dev textures


The street serves as a connecting element between lower, the bombsites and spawns. It is designed to be very open - a good opportunity for snipers

The lower part contains the creek, which changes to an underground canal below the main apartment building. The canal offers secondary access to both bombsites.

The first building stands in the center of the map and is largely static. You can enter an apartment via the balconies, which might be a nice spot for saving.

The main apartment building contains a hallway that connects the A and B site. You can enter from the station and A site. There is also a window that allows you to look out mid.

The lower floor contains a bank while the upper floors are apartments and offices. The elevator is out of service.

The station is waiting for the next train to arrive. The station platform will also be home to bombsite B.

The site sits in front of the toilets. Freight trains are blocking the platforms.

Meanwhile a tree has grown on the roundabout, the rest of A still needs considerable development:

The Map as a whole currently looks like this: